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Stadtbad Sued
Stadtbad Sued Pool
Stadtbad Sued Eingang
Stadtbad Sued Lageplan
Stadtbad Sued Schnitt Ansicht
Stadtbad Sued Schnitt A B
Stadtbad Sued Schnitt C D

Competition for a new public swimming pool
in a preserved housing area from 1930ies in Münster, Germany 2019

With a broad and powerful structure, the existing housing estate Grüner Grund in the garden suburb Habichtshöhe is appropriately closed off in terms of urban space. Characteristic elements of the Gartenstadtsiedlung such as continuous eaves and eaves heights, high roofs, partly gable and partly eaves facades are taken up and further developed into the vocabulary of the new architecture for the Südbad. Despite its size, the Südbad thus fits into the architectural context and the scale of the neighborhood without denying the new.


Pfeiffer Architekten


R. Pfeiffer, A. Fromm, A. Henrion-Pfeiffer, Y. Fandke, V. Puls


Municipal Utilities of Münster

gross floor area

2,400 sqm

number of stories


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